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The State of Things

What you see on this site is the sum total of three decades of creative experiments, really. Not everything is shown, it’s simply too much. There will be THREE SITES in total: this site, my photography, TOMPICS.COM | my graphics and editing, TOMGRAFIX.COM | my painting physical art, TOMGALLERY.COM This latter is under construction still, as is the work going into it.

What you will read in this blog is my attempt to make sense of my own work — present and past — and my place in a world I seldom felt I have a real place in. I’m taking the last six weeks of this summer in SF to go to MVD, where it’s winter now, to paint, shoot, write and reflect on this ongoing experiment my life has been and is.

I expect writing from this present moment back will be least confusing for me, and for you my reader. I’ve never been good as a writer; as if real meaning had been lost in translation simply by moving from one part of mind to another.